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I’m Cheniece! I’m a Certified Goal Success Coach from Mississippi, and I provide Digital Systems Operations Management expertise for service providers’ small businesses–like yours.


From one #boss to another

Consider me your go-to source for ALL things “digital presence setup”. My business management company specializes in managing day-to-day digital functions, building internal system integrations and automations, customizing CRM systems, and developing SOPs for consistent guidelines and definitions.

I’m passionate about transforming business operations into streamlined digital processes, and I take pride in delivering high-quality work. I’m also an un-reformed serial entrepreneur who isn’t ready to receive help, and the business development of my serious CEO clients and their work is my fix.


When your business operations transform into digital processes, you also gain a need for the guidance of a skilled and dependable professional in that area. That’s where I come in! With a broad range of abilities, I rely on my experience and skills in organization, technology, software, management, and strategy to systemize solutions within your business operations processes.

I specialize in Online Business Manager services like day-to-day internal business digital management, Project Management program setup, and new tech platform implementation for small businesses like yours. I can integrate solutions into my clients’ existing infrastructure to systemize a cohesive experience for their buyers. And you won’t ever have to wonder if you’re working with just some hobbyist scrub.

Appearance Matters

I own a Digital Management Consultancy, but I don’t just do it all for you. I can do it with you too. I’ll work alongside you to help keep you focused on your core responsibilities, while still being able to maintain a professional image and standards for your brand.

Through my done-for-you services, I aim to enhance the public appearance and legitimacy of your business. From developing SOPs to configuring Project Management systems, I’ll collaborate closely with you to create a system and ensure that its implementation is done right the first time, saving you time and money. With my extensive experience and skill set, I can help you to grow easily with confidence!

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I don’t just take things off your plate.

I help put money back on the table.