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If you want to receive further information about me, my business, my services, a collaboration with me, or my speaking at an event (or even just want to chat!), the most direct way to reach me is via the following form:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we work together?

Answer: I’m SO glad that you asked! That’s a great question, and someone else might want to know the answer too! I developed a relatively simple step-by-step process that gets this job done–and done well–for both the client and myself:
First up is first contact! And this usually happens by someone either submitting my Contact Form, or by scheduling a free, no-obligation Discovery Call consultation with me. From there, that person has the option to indicate a further interest in how my services may benefit their specific business needs. I’ll gladly analyze their setup, audit it, make suggestions, and ask and answer plenty of questions about all of the possibilities. Whenever (IF ever) the inquiring person becomes ready to achieve those possibilities, I’ll draw up a nice, little Proposal for them to review–which is just a rough draft plan of how I can best implement solutions for them–it’s not an Agreement, and no signatures are involved. And that Proposal is revised and re-worked until it is stated and fits perfectly! The client will then say “I Do” to the Proposal and I’ll proceed with my ✨Client Onboarding✨ process, which just officially welcomes that client into my business, and shows them all about how we both will be working together soon. Once all of the Onboarding steps are taken, that client and I finally enter into a status of “active project”–which is the very beginning of our “REAL” work together!

Can you lower the price?

Answer: You’re an entrepreneur, like I am. So, I already know that you ONLY want to work with a professional who gets the true value that goes into your work. I’m honestly flattered. There are only so many hours in a day to get quality work done. And to make the price point that you’d prefer work, I would absolutely have to rush through the job for the sake of calling it “Done” OR hand-off something unfinished… And I don’t ever do that. I only serve my very best work to my clients, each time. But If your budget is a factor–and I totally get it, if it is–what I could possibly do is offer a different service at that price point.

What *exactly* do you do?

Answer: To briefly answer that for you:
My title is Online Business Manager, and my role is just what it sounds like. My work is often associated with the responsibilities of a Virtual Assistant, although the two positions are very much different from one another. A VA performs the tasks assigned to them that a business needs completed in order for it to operate. An OBM certainly does perform tasks, but moreso delivers a higher-level service of business strategy and holistic maintenance, or management. I specialize in Digital Ops, and I provide remote, fractional digital operations support (management) to businesses online. The whole business itself need not be online–just some of its operational functions need to be housed online. And simply put: I manage the operations of the digital functions of a business. I “do the digital” sourcing, formation, setup, integration, building, organizing, systemizing, care, and keeping work for service providers and creative entrepreneurs.

Can you build me a website?

Answer: While I’m not a web designer at all, I definitely CAN and WILL build out a very nice and pretty single-page, parallax scrolling type of website for you. It’s actually the main deliverable of one of my Deluxe Packages (The Business Digitizing Package). You bring your own copywriting and your branding, and I’ll hook you up with a custom domain and a matching professional email address too.

Do you have a refund policy?

Answer: Due to their digital nature, I am unable to offer refunds on my products. The policy for each of my services are outlined in my Client Agreement. See my Terms & Conditions.