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When you work with me, you’re not only getting a digital operations expert and certified Goal Success Coach – you’re gaining a trusted partner who genuinely cares about your success. I’ll listen to your goals, understand your vision, and provide personalized support every step of the way. I also know that every business is as unique as its owner, and that’s why I’m thrilled to offer both bespoke and packaged services to cater to your specific needs. Let’s dive into the many possibilities. 


Project Manager (ClickUp) Strategy Action Plan

Not quite ready for a long-term commitment, but still need pro-level guidance to get your business past that next big step? Look no further! My Project Manager Strategy Action Plan is the perfect solution for you!

Join me for a collaborative 90-minute audit where we’ll dive deep into your business, laser-focusing on your very next moves towards implementing your vision. No more noise, just targeted strategies for your success.

After our intensive session, you’ll walk away with a SWOT Analysis & Report and a personalized Action Plan tailored to your business’ needs that will lead you straight to your goals. I’ll serve you your customized plans already built into your own ClickUp Workspace. And it will be delivered while you attend a final handover session including a Plan Presentation for one inside of your ClickUp Workspace. You will then receive my offer to oversee the implementation of your Action Plan.

All of this ALSO includes a complimentary full assessment of your current tech stack! AND my exclusive ClickUp discount code for new Workspaces!

  • Intake questionnaire, a 90-minute audit of current business strategies, & a SWOT Analysis
  • A customized Action Plan & SWOT Analysis Report set up inside of your ClickUp Workspace
  • Access to all accompanying custom Action Plan resources
  • A FREE full assessment of your current tech stack
  • A Handover session for Action Plan delivery
  • Plan Presentation session for one is included



Digital Business Operations Management Retainer

With my ongoing support, spanning 30 days of dedicated billable hours, you can take a step back and entrust me with the intricacies of planning and strategizing. Your role? Lead your business with confidence while I diligently orchestrate the management of all the rest.

Together, we’ll embark on a journey to pinpoint the most effective tasks, guided by our thorough analysis of your business goals. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of decision-making. You’ll always have a meticulously crafted plan ready for implementation.

I’m here to elevate your productivity, ensure that you remain on track in scope and budget, and keep your focus razor-sharp on strategies that seamlessly align with your growth trajectory. A retainer of my services isn’t just a consultancy; it’s a partnership. And you’ll have a steadfast ally committed to your success through the magic of streamlined digital operations.

A minimum 60-day commitment is required after the completion of the initial Trial Period project. Hours above retainer are billed at $40, and/or will advance you to the next Retainer Tier.

  • Proactive optimization, priority access, seamless adaptability, & holistic strategy
  • Action Plan & Quarterly Strategic Planning sessions
  • Management of the day-to-day business functions
  • Weekly status reporting & Bi-weekly business stand-up meetings with you & your team
  • 10-30 hours of consistent support on a recurring basis including email, SMS, and Voxer support.
  • All un-packaged services are included in the base retainer model, including: SOP Development & Process Documentation, SWOT Analysis & Report, Gap Analysis & Report, Client Management, Operations Management, Systems Management, & Project Management.



      Google Workspace Setup

      As your dedicated Digital Systems Strategist, I’m thrilled to now serve you my expertise in my newest service offering of setting up Google Workspace for your business! Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a game-changing suite of cloud-based tools that can revolutionize the way you collaborate, communicate, and completely manage your business operations.

      Unlock the full potential of this dynamic platform for your business and access my exclusive discount on your subscription.


      • I will claim & register your custom top-level domain name to represent your business & professional image to your buyers (yourbusiness.com).
      • I’ll customize your Google Workspace setup to align perfectly with your requirements & objectives, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems.
      • I’ll set up a customized professional, branded email addresses (you@business.com), enhancing your business’ credibility & leaving a lasting impression on your audience. I’ll setup team member mailias email forwarding accounts for your team to all possess professional, branded email as well (or for your different business departments).
      • I’ll systemize Google Drive with integrations across other tools & platforms, providing you with a secure & centralized cloud storage solution to back up your business data.
      • Your team will be able work seamlessly together, regardless of their locations with real-time editing, commenting, & version history to streamline your collaborative efforts across tools.
      • A final handover session dedicated to the introduction of your new suite of tools & their features, including an on-screen tour of the new notable specifics involved within your new role of Workspace Administrator



      CRM (Moxie) Build-out

      You know what’s the secret sauce behind the fastest-growing businesses today? It’s having a top-notch CRM (Client Relationship Manager) to handle all those day-to-day buyer interactions and touchpoints seamlessly behind the scenes… And guess what? As an approved Moxie CRM Implementor, I’ve got the perfect solution for you to achieve exactly this!

      Introducing my white-glove service that takes away all of the weight involved in going up against this intensive project alone. No more tedious to-do lists growing uncontrollably to worry about – just leave it to me, and you can focus on what only you can do!

      With my FULL Moxie (previously called Hectic) build out, your processes will be automated, and recurring work will become a breeze with smart templates. Say goodbye to opportunities falling through the cracks and money being left on the table, and say hello to smooth, error-free operations.

      Other CRMs by request at different rates. Subscription is not included.


      • Customization to match branding at buyer touchpoints
      • Client Portal built onto your own custom sub-domain (portal.business.com)
      • Workflows mapped & automated & email templates in autoresponder sequences set up with triggers
      • A customized proposal & a Canva project design coordinate
      • Online booking calendar & multiple appointment types/availability configuration
      • A custom lead capturing form or questionnaire built & embedded onto your own desired page


      Bespoke Solutions Available


      Don’t be over-served by what doesn’t apply to your unique requirements. With bespoke services, there are no limits to what can be achieved. I’ll explore different tools, systems, and strategies to create a truly unique digital solution. This is all about you and your business, no compromises. My main focus will be to create a one-of-a-kind solution that’s designed specifically for you. No cookie-cutter approaches here – I’ll address your challenges and goals head-on. Whether you need assistance with a specific project, ongoing support, or a deep-dive consultation, the bespoke approach ensures that you will have what you need, when you need it.

      Click to view the possibilities:

      ClickUp Services, Moxie Services, Automation, Integration, Facebook Ads, Canva Website Setup and Maintenance, Zapier Zaps, Project Manager Tool Setup, CRM/CMS Implementation, Scheduler Setup, Custom Form Pages, DNS Configuring, Social Media Marketing/Management, Email Marketing, Landing Page and Sales Page Creation and Setup, Editorial/Content Calendar Management, Blog Maintenance, Content Creation, Process Documentation, Slack Setup, Email Aliases & Forwarding Configuration, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Development, SEO Keywords Research & Optimization, Tutorial & Support, Training, & More

      Don’t see your preferred Service? Reach out to me for availability.

      Be a better business owner behind the digital scenes too…

      I’ve seen firsthand how these types of systems (and good management 😉) can make all the difference between success and failure in a business. So if you want to take your business vision & go from good to great (literally without putting in too much extra effort)? Let’s talk!